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Custom Made Products

To order any of these custom made products please call 321-444-9926 or email

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Weighted Blankets

Like a hug!!  Weighted Blankets  bring feelings of peace and comfort by increasing the two feel good chemicals in the brain - serotonin and dopamine.


They have been known to be helpful in many areas:

Insomnia - Helps one fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and have a more relaxing restful

Anxiety - Produces a calming effect reducing anxiety, easing symptoms and boosting mood.

Restless leg syndrome - For use while sleeping, sitting at home or traveling on an airplane.

Pain - Achieving restorative sleep allows the body to reset its response to pain and increase its
pain threshold.

Fibromyalgia - May help ease troublesome symptoms and break the cycle of anxiety and
depression in patients with fibromyalgia.

ADHD and Autism - The calming effect can reduce meltdowns and helps bring a sense of
security and peace.

Each Peacefully For You Weighted Blanket is custom made for you according to your needs.

The fabric is 100% breathable preshrunk cotton in your choice of pattern and color. The Weighted Blanket is filled with non toxic made in USA poly beads and is machine washable and dryable.


Each Weighted Blanket is made with care in an environment of peace, love and positive Reiki energy.

Weighted blanket weight range 10 to 15 Lb. 

Start at $225 plus shipping.

Weighted Bears1.jpg

Weighted Bears

Weighted bears provide safe, calming, deep pressure for persons experiencing anxiety, distress, loss, restlessness, and attention difficulties.


Weighted Bears bring calm and focus for children with ADHD, Autism and SID. They also make a soft fuzzy companion for cuddling and sleeping with.


Each Weighted bear has a Rose Quartz crystal inside as a sign of unconditional love, infinite peace and has been empowered with positive Reiki energy.
Weighted Bears are 20 inches and weigh 3.5 pounds


Price: $65 plus shipping


Weighted Chakra Blanket

The seven chakras are the main spiritual energy centers within the human body.


Many believe that when all of our chakras are open or balanced, energy can run through them freely restoring harmony to the mind/body/spirit. 


Crystals have the ability to store, transmit, and amplify energy. Each crystal has metaphysical properties relating to the individual chakra.


By placing the crystal on or near the chakra, the energy of the crystal will vibrate and restore balance.


The Chakra Blanket is custom made with carefully selected and energized stones and crystals placed inside and sewn down the front of the blanket.


Just place the blanket over your torso while meditating or when receiving any type of energy work.

Chakra Blanket.

One Size. 10 to 15 Lb.

Start at $275 plus shipping.

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