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About Sally Westover


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."


"Future medicines will be the medicine of frequencies."

Einstein -  

It’s hard to know when ones healing journey truly begins.

As a small child, I had a deep connection with nature, playing with trees and talking to butterflies, cooking mud pies and eating them too!!


Raising five boys is an education on its own. One learns to be a teacher, a nurse and numerous other labors of love.


It was much later, though, that Reiki became an important part of my life.


First came the Himalayan singing bowls. While attending a meditation, I heard a bowl for the first time and instantly had an intense desire to learn more about them.

My searching led me to Geoffrey Torkington the founder of The Elephant Bowl. He is a full-time Himalayan singing bowl teacher who has been actively bringing hundreds of students to his path and preparing them with quality bowls and sets.

Geoffrey tirelessly answered my seemingly endless questions and eventually carefully and professionally assembled my incredible set of bowls.


Learning Reiki was the next step in this ever-evolving healing journey of mine. Over the span of several years I learned, practiced, and reached each level in Reiki eventually becoming a Reiki Master which qualifies me to teach Reiki as well as practice this ancient healing art.

I was trained at all levels by Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino at the Sadana Center in Clearwater, Florida. Shifu helped me to heal myself and have a deep understanding of love and inner peace, balance, and healing to others.


In Sadana Center I was taught the traditional Usui Spiritual Healing Method which originated in Japan and was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui and is now known throughout the world as “Reiki”.


In addition to playing intuitively, I have added to my expertise and gained more knowledge by completing a Himalayan singing bowl course with Geoffrey Torkington of The Elephant Bowl.


And also I am now a certified Blissbowl Practitioner after completing numerous courses with Ann Martin.

Energy is in everything and Reiki is Divinely guided healing energy. Sound vibrations emitted from Himalayan singing bowls work at restoring inner balance by bringing alignment, relaxation and mind/body healing.


Being a quilter for over thirty years led a therapist friend to ask me to make custom made weighted blankets and weighted bears for her.

For the past several years I have been making weighted blankets and weighted bears for those suffering from insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and anxiety. Numerous therapists and healers have ordered my weighted blankets and weighted bears for use in their practices.

Each weighted bear has a Rose Quartz stone inside as a sign of unconditional love and infinite peace and has been empowered with Reiki energy.


Weighted blankets are available with chakra crystals sewn in for the added benefit of crystal energy.

Mandala Painting Meditation- Four-part class.

Mandalas are made up of a series of circles and geometric designs. Mandalas are so therapeutic that they have become a meditation technique. Every shape included in a mandala represent the inner self.


Mandala painting meditation brings a significant sense of calmness and well-being, filling one with the colors of life and emotional nourishment. No painting experience needed. It is a fun and relaxing time.

Reiki and sound therapy benefits everyone.

It is for all stages of life from pregnancy, infants, and babies, to the elderly and everything in between...

and for your pets too!

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